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Schöller Special Machines (SSM) is a leading manufacturer of special machines for tunneling and mining as well as for unusual applications. With more than 40 years of experience, we also equip Volvo machines with electric drive for emission-free continuous operation on site.


Diesel or Electric-Drive? – Both!

We also offer Volvo construction machines with twin drives (diesel and electric motor) for maximum flexibility in use.

Through SSM in association with its partners in the Volvo SAS network (Special Application Solutions), various excavator models with electric or twin drive are available always as Volvo machines, with manufacturer's guarantee and CE certification.


No decision between diesel OR electric drive

The compact excavator Volvo ECR 58 TwinDrive, modified by SSM Schöller Special Machines, demonstrates that construction companies do not need to choose between diesel and electric drive; both work in one machine. At Bauma, the company from Hausen am Bach presents a concept study of the machine weighing 6.7 to 8.5 tons, depending of equipment version.

Based on a Volvo excavator, the machine merges both worlds into one: it is equipped with a standard diesel engine (35 kW) so that the compact excavator can work as usual. In addition, the machine features a powerful electric motor (30 kW) for emission-free operation inside of buildings, underground, or in particularly sensitive areas. Electricity is supplied by a standard construction site power connection with 63 A and 400 V. This makes it possible to continuously use the machine in electric mode without being restricted by limited battery capacity or charging times. To ensure the mobility of the electrically-connected excavator at the job site, it is equipped with a cable reel of about 30 m storage capacity. A slewing angle limitation at the upper carriage prevents the cable from getting entangled during rotation.

Initially, two versions are available: a "normal" compact excavator (conventional boom, left) and a tunnel excavator version (special boom and tunneling features, right). This special drive concept, developed by SSM, is also realizable in other types of Volvo excavators.

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